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Hey So I have used the roller 3,4 times and I can definitely say it WORKSSS. My skin was getting a bit of scarring recently due to breakouts and Man this just made them FADE AWAY like BOOOM. Welldone *clap* *clap* now plis come up with the serums that you guys have been working on. I would love to try those . Love <3


Hey ! I bought poofer in August and started using in September, I had acne scars I saw some blogger talking about the poofer and I decided to give it a chance . It has been only 2 and a half month and believe you me my skin has become far better than before ! Not only me and me friends and my family has also noticed the visible difference ! I am so glad that I bought it <3


Best thing I ordered online! It actually works wonders


My skin is so so so so so so much better now! So basically, thank you! Brilliant product and very helpful advice along the way!


Hey, I got my serum today. And I think I'm already in love. I've just applied it on my skin and my skin is glowing and nicely moisturized!


The vitamin C serum is unreal. I've literally only used it like twice and I am seeing results. It's so lightweight I love it. Easy to handle and you can layer products without even thinking of clogged pores. I might be ordering again, my family's like taking over mine!


Hey, so I've been using your dermaroller and it's been 4 sessions up till now. Honestly, didn't believed in it at first but it really did worked for mee! Especially after the 4th session the scars have become less noticeable! <3