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What is the price?
The price of the Poofer is Rs 2990 after discount and the price of the Acne Dots is Rs 690.

What are the shipping charges?
We offer free shipping on all orders over Rs 2500. On orders below, it is Rs 150.

How many days does delivery take?
It generally takes 3-4 days for the product to reach you.

What does the Poofer do?
The Poofer is an at-home dermaroller. It is a roller with tiny needles on it. When
rolled over the face, the Poofer creates very tiny micro injuries which the skin heals by releasing collagen. This collagen in turn fills up acne scars, heals the skin overall and makes it look youthful.

How to use the Poofer?
The Poofer is fairly simple to use. Start off by cleaning your Poofer either by dipping it in some rubbing alcohol or leaving it under hot running water for a few minutes. Once dry – and once your face is washed dry – you are ready to start rolling. Start rolling in one direction.

Roll in that direction a few times (8-10 times). Lift your roller up and roll in another direction. Repeat horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Put only as much pressure as your skin can take.

Once you see your skin swelling up slightly and becoming red, it is a good time to stop. Put some hydrating serum or gentle moisturizer on your clean hands and pat it gently on your face afterwards.

Wash your Poofer and put it back in its case.

What are the side effects of using the Poofer?
There are no long term negative side effects. But temporarily, you will notice that you have plumper skin the next day – which is great! You can also expect some redness and sensitivity. Some stinging is normal when you apply a serum or moisturizer after a session. Please also expect some peeling after a couple of days.

What do the Acne Dots do?
The Acne Dots are stickers made out of hydrocolloid dressing that you can stick on your pimple. It minimizes – if not entirely gets rid off – your pimple in about 8 hours. It makes it less painful and less red and generally less irritating.

How to use the Acne Dots?
Wash your face. Make sure that the pimple you are putting the Acne Dot on qualifies for it. It works best on pimples that have a head and pus percolating. Find the size that covers the pimple best and stick one Acne Dot on the spot.

Where is the brand from?
We are a locally birthed brand. Some of our products are made locally while some products, packaging and ingredients are sourced from different countries. 

Are there any discounts?
We offer discounts from time to time. Please keep checking out our pages to keep updated. We also offer some discount codes to influencers which you can use on the website. If there are any influencers that you follow in particular, please feel free to let us know so we can see if they are somebody who can work with us.

What is microneedling or dermarolling?
Microneedling is collagen induction therapy. When the skin is punctured with
multiple tiny needles, it stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin which is key to filling up acne scars and making the skin look youthful. It breaks up scar tissue. It also helps with lines and textured skin by thickening, repairing, strengthening and upping the elasticity of the skin.

What problem areas does the Poofer target?
It helps with acne scars, hyperpigmentation, large pores, textured skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Some people even use it to stimulate hair growth.

How many times in a week can we use a dermaroller?
It’s safe to use a dermaroller once in two weeks.

Tell me about the Poofer’s needles?
The needles are made out of titanium and are 1mm in depth. There are 540 needles.

What is the best product to use the Poofer with?
Dermarolling is best complemented with some element of vitamin C. So a vitamin C serum is great to use with it. It brightens the skin. You can also use any other product that you know is good for your skin for instance niacinamide serum or a gentle moisturizer or even aloe vera. Whatever is good to your skin already becomes better when used after a dermarolling session.

Does the Poofer work?
Yes. Out of all the treatments available for acne scarring – dermaroling or the Poofer is the only thing that seems to work. With regular and consistent use, you should be able to see that the edges of your scars become soften and your skin texture becomes generally smoother.

Is it painful? Will it make me bleed?
It won’t make you bleed! Some discomfort should be expected though. Some people say it’s like a mild sunburn.

Do Acne Dots work?
Yes. The Acne Dots gently extract the fluid from a pimple and thus reduces its size or gets rid off it, depending on your pimple. Sometimes you may have to put more than one dot for a stubborn pimple.