let's get that piece of zit 👀

Pimple? Put a dot on it!

A spot treatment that’s out of this world.

UGH. Isn’t it the worst thing in the world that when you wake up and you have an uggle white pimple on your face? I mean, to be fair, you could feel it the night before because it was hurting a little but you didn’t expect it to escalate that fast.

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Your first thought: ‘concealer!’. Your worse thought: ‘toothpaste’. Or that medicine lying on your dresser which you’ve used so little because you only need it for times like these and it NEVER works so you give up on it but keep going back to it – it’s a complicated relationship. The easiest thing of course is to burst the daylights out of that pimple though so you don’t have to deal with it for a few hours at least.

It doesn’t have to be that way ladies! You see spots, we see dots. We’re talking about our spot treatment called ‘acne dots’. These are hydrocolloid pimple-protectors: proven to absorb fluid, protect spots from outside bacteria, and prevent skin picking. The result? Dotty vibes and a happier skin.

poof acne treatment healing dots

The way it works is, you see a pimple – that one with fluid or pus percolating – you wash your face and just stick a dot on it. Give it at least 8 hours to do its thing. For most pimples, 8 hours should be good to reduce its size, the redness, the pain and the irritation. Meanwhile, you can also go out or take a selfie with it because it’s barely there! They’re xtra thin and kinda transparent. Another plus: it’s super cute packaging too! Good for the ‘gram!


Side Note: Got scars?

Now if you’re somebody who has always dealt with spots and acne in general half your life, and are now dealing with the scars of that life – Poof has something else called a ‘Poofer’ that helps you battle acne scars. Don’t get us wrong – we think scars are beautiful. They show your journey and everything you’ve been through. But sadly, they also lower the sh*t out of your self-esteem. So if you’re looking to improve the texture of your skin i.e. soften the edges of your scars or looking to get rid of your hyperpigmentation, the Poofer is for you.

poofer poof dermaroller acne treatment

It is an at-home dermaroller – a roller with micro, super tiny needles (1mm) needles on it. When used on your face, it creates micro injuries and so tricks the skin into releasing collagen to heal it. This collagen is then what fills up your scars. The results: a scar-free, plumper skin the next day (but that’s only because of the slight swelling so enjoy it while it lasts!) and a smoother skin over the next 6-8 months with continuous use.

There are a lot of treatments for acne scarring out there and trust us, we’ve tried A LOT of them (lasers, facials, incisions, etc) – but nothing works like good ol’ microneedling. That 25,000 rupee a session laser is going to do nothing for you compared to this little champ priced at Rs 2990. It is best complemented with vitamin C which we hear the brand is currently developing. Soop excited to try that too!

👉 The products can be ordered online from www.poofacnescars.com