let's get that piece of zit 👀

Skin purging 101

If you are someone that is planning to change up your whole skincare routine OR introduce a new product into your skincare regimen, purging is something you need to be aware of.

If you have ever dove into the world of skincare, you’ve probably heard the term, no? Let us bring you up to speed..

What is skin purging?

Skin purging is a reaction that takes place on your skin when you introduce it to active ingredients, (like retinoids, retinols, AHA’s, BHA’s and others) that increase the cell turnover rate. Cell turnover rate is the speed at which your skin regularly sheds dead skin while younger, newer cells take its place. While this reveals younger, fresher looking skin it also brings to the surface all the sebum, dirt and buildup that was clogged deep into your pores in the form of whiteheads, blackheads, small zits, and even pimples! 

Is that even a good thing!?

No need to freak out! It may seem like you're breaking out from this new ingredient, while in actuality you’re just pushing out all the bad stuff that was buried deep within your skin waiting to pop up weeks, months and maybe even years later! So you’re basically taking the fast track to clearer skin! Sounds good now doesn’t it?

Purging or breaking out/reaction?

There are very simple ways to know if your skin is purging or if it's breaking out/reacting to a new product;

  • Breakouts last much longer, around 8-10 days while purging disappears much faster.
  • You purge in the areas that you often get acne/breakouts. For example if you breakout around your chin area, that’ll be where you’ll purge the most!
  • Reactions from a new product will show all over the area you apply the product to and break out in places you usually never breakout. (in this case you should stop using the new product).

How to avoid skin purging?

There is no proper way to avoid it, folks. But honestly, you shouldn’t want to avoid it. It’s the storm before the calm!

The worst thing you can do is stop using the ingredient that is making you purge! That’ll waste all that effort!


Keep at it!

The best way is to stick with it, be patient and wait for your skin to clear up, at least for a full skin cycle (i.e from about 3 weeks to a month) to see the results. Remember that it’s only a phase ( oh God! Teen flashbacks!) and it shall pass.

Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to each product. Your skin may purge far less or far more from the next person even if you both have the same skin type! So be patient and don’t compare your progress to anyone else’s.

If the purging lasts more than 6 weeks we think it’s best to go see a skin specialist for a professional opinion, and for your peace of mind!

Friendly tips!

Why go through it?

Because healthy, clearer skin is worth the wait and effort!