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there is no IF in self love


Us humans do alot of silly things, but denying ourselves simple pleasures by waiting for a “better time” for them is one of the silliest, like denying ourselves the right to feel beautiful until our skin clears up (yup, we know you think it!) or only when our acne is covered under layers upon layers of makeup. This is not how you embrace your body and this is definitely not how you begin to love yourself.


Where to start

Now hold on for a second, let us clear it up. No, we don’t mean to say you shouldn’t want to clear up your skin or that you shouldn’t want to wear makeup. All of that is fine, as long as it’s coming from a healthy, positive place. Let us explain, you can use all the skincare in the world but in a fun way, don’t make it your life mission to “fix” your acne. Wear all the gram-worthy makeup looks all day, everyday, as long as you’re not ashamed of what’s underneath.


Because the hard truth is that some of us could have acne or acne scars all our lives! (yeap, just because you don’t like that fact doesn’t make it less true) So it’s better to treat them like companions rather than a disease. It’s easier to live your life embracing the tiny bumps on your face than to feel sadness or anger every time you catch a glimpse of your reflection.

As much as the mainstream media would have us believe that the world is an acne free zone where no hair is frizzy and no skin is blemished, but that’s not the case! Acne is just as normal as freckles and fine lines. You’re not the only one with it.

No conditions!

Remember that if you keep putting conditions on beauty, those conditions will only keep on coming! “Oh I’d be beautiful IF only I didn’t have acne” or “ I look beautiful ONLY with makeup on” or “ I’d be beautiful if I lost a few pounds” they’ll never stop! Why? Because all you’re doing is telling yourself that you’re not good enough the way you are, and that’s what you need to work most on. Your appearance will change, you will age, that’s something you don’t have control on. So why make it all your worth?  


Be kind to yourself

There are enough people out there in the world, who very “kindly” tell us of totkas and remedies to rid us of our acne so we can finally be beautiful by their standards. Deciding whether or not we are good enough. Those people are enough for you to fight against, don’t put yourself on that list too. Have your own back, sis.

A reality check

Things aren’t as bad as they seem to you, repeat after us! Remember that no one else cares about your acne as much as you do ( maybe that aunty next door that never came out of the 60’s does but who really cares about what she thinks?) 

No, people are NOT staring at your acne ( they could be staring at you because you be looking like a treat!) 

The way you look does not determine your worth! And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Growth and self love is a messy process, don’t expect the self love train to go straight to its destination, it will take some stops along the way and that’s okay!

The only person that can allow you to grow and love yourself the most is you and you’re the only person that is holding you back. So, make sure you have your own back!