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Poofer+ - Poof
Poofer+ - Poof
Poofer+ - Poof
Poofer+ - Poof
Poofer+ - Poof
Poofer+ - Poof


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The Poofer+ is a more advanced dermaroller. It comes with 200 titanium gold plated, individual needles. These are 0.5mm in depth but an effective alternative to both the 0.5mm and 1mm. 

The Poofer+ provides a natural way to improve the appearance of your skin. The roller with its tiny needles micro-puncture the skin. The skin as a response generates collagen to heal the skin. This in turn fills up scars and regenerates the skin’s appearance with little to no recovery time. In fact, the recovery time itself is beautiful because your skin feels plumper.

Most skincare that we use - serums and creams - only penetrate the upper dermis of the skin, not going in deep enough. The micro punctures from the needles of the Poofer+ create a channel for vitamin rich serums to penetrate the skin. 

So use the Poofer+ with your favorite hydrating serum for optimal results. We recommend a nice, gentle, hydrating vitamin C serum. 

How to Use 

1. Start with a clean, bare face. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser. 

2. Clean your Poofer+ (read below for instructions on how to disinfect and clean).

3. Start with a small area and start rolling in straight strokes in one direction. Start out with 6-8 light rolls. Put only as much pressure as your skin can easily take. 
After going in one direction, move perpendicular to that area and roll the Poofer another 6-8 times. 
Lift the Poofer+ each time you change the direction.

4. After you are fully done with your face or the areas that you prefer to roll, pat a few drops of our Vitamin C Serum onto the skin and leave on. Some redness and tingling is common. Don’t worry! It’ll go away in a few hours.

5. Clean the Poofer+ again before storing back. Make sure it’s completely dry.

6. You can wear makeup or resume your normal skincare the next day (at least 8-10 hours later). But avoid the sun the next day and make sure you use a moisturizer with SPF. 

7. Use once in two weeks.

Caution: Do not use on active acne, or other skin conditions like rosacea, dermatitis, etc. Do not use on raised or keloid scarring.

Care Instructions

The Poofer+ comes in a sealed package, already sterilized with UV rays. However, it needs to be disinfected and cleaned before and after each use.

The way to disinfect it is to soak it in 70% isopropyl (or rubbing alcohol) for 5-10 minutes - ensuring that the needles don’t really touch the sides of your container. Be gentle with it so you can keep the sharp needles in tact for longer.

To clean it and get rid of leftover skin protein, we then recommend rinsing it under hot running water for a couple of minutes (making sure all needles are rinsed). Let it air dry and then use it. 

Repeat same process when storing back. Make sure your Poofer+ is completely dry when you store it back in its case as to not allow bacteria to grow on it.

Change your Poofer+ after 10 uses to prevent bacteria from building on it and to get the best results. 



  • Increased absorption of topical skin care products 
  • Firmer skin
  • Smoother skin texture
  • More even toned skin
  • More effective than a standard dermaroller 

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Ibrahim Atiq
₊ poofer ⊹˖

easy to use and my face looks cleaner and brighter.