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Microneedling mistakes you’re probably making


Microneedling is a big yes from us, it’s great for alot of reasons, it lessens the appearance of acne scars, fights wrinkles and signs of ageing , AND it’s cheap, non invasive and super easy to do at home (with our Poofer ofcourse ;). 

(Don’t know what microneedling is? Here’s a blog to help you catch up :

But like everything related to your skin, microneedling should be done with utmost care so you get the best and fastest results possible! So, here is a list of things you might possibly be getting wrong while microneedling, and all the ways you can fix or avoid these mistakes! (Don’t worry they’re non-tedious and super simple!) 


Using a cheap dermaroller


This is a top-list crime if you ask us. A roller, with needles on it, that you plan to roll on YOUR FACE and you buy it from some shady online marketplace with no credibility? We are shaking! Using a good tool will ensure optimum results with less chances of screw ups! If you do end up buying a dermaroller off of the internet and somehow believe it’s good quality, then we suggest testing it out on the back of your hand first, see how it feels, inspect the needles closely. Lucky for you, Poof makes a great dermaroller and does all the testing for you, so you can be assured of it’s quality. 


(here’s what you should look for in a good at-home dermaroller:

Microneedling too often

Well this isn’t like other skincare products, you don’t have to do it everyday! “The more you use it the better results you’d see” does not apply here. If you’re just starting out, doing it once in two weeks is more than enough, later you can slowly with time do it more often (i.e one a week) . If you don’t give your skin time to heal in-between sessions you’d just slow down the results, cause irritation and that’s not something you want.

Dermarolling on active acne

Even though it may seem to some as a good idea, but believe us IT’S NOT! Dermarolling on top of your active acne (open sores or skin infections for that matter) will not help it go away faster, on the contrary it’ll make it worse! The needles will carry the infection to non infected regions and that won’t be pretty. It’s just safer to skip microneedling if you have active acne

And wait for it to pass until you get back to poofing those scars! 

The wrong needle size


Now it’s no secret that dermarollers come in various needle sizes and all these different sizes serve different purposes. Yes, longer needles may give faster results but they require alot of downtime AND they’re not safe to use at home, only trained professionals know their proper use. We say needles up to 1mm are safe to use at home but if you want anything longer than that you should get it done professionally, in a clinic.

Using the wrong products after

The products you apply to your face are VERY important to the microneedling process. Why? Because what microneedling basically does is makes small microscopic holes on your skin that makes it easier for any product you apply afterwards to seep into your skin better, microneedling can boost the absorption rate of products upto 20% ( you read that right, folks!). Bottomline be careful about it, avoid putting exfoliants after microneedling, these might over-exfoliate your skin and cause irritation or more acne! GASP. So either exfoliate a day before you plan on microneedling or wait a couple of days after.


Make sure not to moisturize with heavy, pore-clogging products like, petroleum based/silicon based products, oils etc

Not wearing Sunscreen afterwards 

You must wear sunscreen everyday without fail, you know it’s very important but wearing sunscreen after dermarolling is a MUST. if you don’t apply it after dermarolling, you’re not only slowing down your healing process but also increasing the risk of hyperpigmentation. If you have to step out after a session, we suggest wearing a moisturizer or serum before applying the sunscreen that acts as a barrier and not let that sunscreen seep into your skin too deep.

Not putting a vitamin C serum after microneedling

As we mentioned before microneedling increases the absorption rate anywhere from 5% to 20%! So if you were diligent about what you put on your skin before, after microneedling you gotta be precise! The best products to put on your skin after a session are the ones specifically designed for after microneedling care (products like our *cough* Vitamin C serum *cough*).

Putting on makeup after

Makeup is designed to stay on top of your skin, the ingredients used in most makeup products are toxic if absorbed into the skin and after microneedling these products are more prone to get deeper into your skin than intended and can cause more breakouts and irritation. To be safe, avoid wearing makeup for atleast 8-10 hours after a session. We suggest microneedling at night, so your skin has the whole night to recover and if you want to be extra safe, do it on a weekend you have nowhere to go to give your skin a day to recover.

Not washing your face AND hands before a session!

Yes, really, we need to remind people about washing hands in 2020! But seriously there are always germs lurking on your face and hands. the best way is to wash both right before a session, so one can avoid the germs on the surface of your skin from getting deep into your pores. It’s a simple step but can do alot of harm if skipped.


Applying too much pressure

When you're rolling the dermaroller on your face make sure you’re not applying too much pressure, because that can cause more harm, I know it must seem like the more you push it into your skin the more effective the results would be but that is not the case, too much pressure can cause unnecessary damage.

Microneedling over Keloid scars

Microneedling works by bumping up the collagen production in your skin to heal scars and hyperpigmentation BUT it doesn’t really work on Keloid scars. Keloid scars are a kind of scar that are bump-like that are caused by excessive production of collagen, so the main process that makes microneedling effective is rendered useless or can be counter-productive in this case. So, if you’re someone prone to Keloid scarring, we’re sorry to inform you, microneedling is not for you. 

Not replacing your dermaroller often enough

Yes, dermarollers aren’t made to be used for forever! They’re disposable. They’re safe to use for upto 10 uses but after that it’s bye bye Poofer time. The theory is that the needles can bend over time with use and can cause harm to the skin so it’s safe to bin the Poofer and to get a new one from time to time.

( a more detailed summary of when to replace your Poofer here: you’re welcome)

Not doing enough research

You may be a daredevil in your everyday life but when it comes to your skin leave out the experimentation. Do your research, reach out to people with acne and ask questions! Make sure you know all the right things before you venture into the world of microneedling. We’re proud to say Poof has built a community that is safe and friendly enough for you to reach out to us directly with all your questions and we’ll be sure to help you out! We’ve got you, Poofers!

These are very simple but very important and effective steps to include in your microneedling session to make sure that you can achieve your smoother skin goals in no time!